Paul Becker

I am a hobby developer and Computer Science Student. I am mostly developing Minecraft mods.


Minecraft Mod

Vampirism - Become a vampire!

Vampirism is a magical Minecraft Mod all about vampires and theirs hunters.


Minecraft Mod

Werewolves - Become a beast!

Werewolves is a addon mod for Vampirism that adds the new Werewolf faction into the game. Now you will be able to transform into werewolf form


Minecraft Mod

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves does exactly what it says. The mods ass falling leaves from trees to the game with configurable size and amount. I ported the mod from a Fabric mod with the same name.


Minecraft Mod

Enchantment Machine

Enchantment Machine is a mod that simplifies the enchantment handling for all item.

Multiplayer Game


Battleships is a Java implementation of the classic 1v1 Battleship tabletop game. Where you are able to play vs multiple player at once over a server-client architecture. This was a university project of a small group called 'Coding Pirates'